12.8 Update

  • General
    • New Lighting Effects
    • New Settings in Main Menu
    • Added NPCs
    • New sounds for collecting items
    • New ambient sounds
    • New BGM
    • Removed up-dash
    • Enemies attack based on sight
    • Switched to FMOD Studio for Audio
    • Player's face changes when performing certain tasks
  • Tutorial
    • Shrunk size of area
    • Changed layout to teach double-dash
    • Added Dogs?!
  • Overflow
    • New water mist effect
    • New water texture
    • New plumes in Level
    • New sounds for hitting books
    •  Slight change in layout
  • Lights Out
    • Complete redesign for clarity
    • Moved the blueprint
  • Robot Rampage
    • Changed level name to avoid DMCA
    • Added new phases to fight
    • Added clarifying cutscene to show how to damage boss
    • Gave boss a ranged attack
    • Added dialog for the boss when damaged.
  • Bonus Level
    • Changed route for up-dash removal
    • Added a secret secret route :O
    • Added arrow indicators to provide clarity


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Dec 08, 2020

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