xx__H4CK3R-B01__xx (Hacker Boy), was born from the code. His legendary hacking prowess is known far and wide.   Chronicled here is one of his many legendary exploits…

Play as xx__H4CK3R-B01__xx himself, and experience the thrill of keeping the LIVE HACK FEED alive.

  • Sift through messages sent from fellow hackers, as well as malicious narcs.
  • Complete the hacker minigames as they appear, and keep your router lines online!
  • Try your hardest to raise your hacker score and claim the highest score possible.


Sydney Foe http://sydneyfoe.com/
Jake Hyland https://greyhillsproductions.com/
William Nomikos http://wnomikos.com/
Luke Piazza https://lukepiazza.org/
Connor Wolf http://connorwolf.info


Windows.zip 61 MB


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how to play it?

Sorry for the late response! The goal is to stay alive as long as possible. Click the "How to Play.txt" once you get in game.