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The worlds you have created stretch across vast continents filled with mountains and valleys, far into the stars of space, and perhaps even into places never before contemplated… Regardless, wherever there are people, there are stories. Passed down from generation to generation, these Songs of Summer tell simple stories with strong lessons for the inexperienced to learn and grow into wiser beings. — The Original Author, Point of Origin 

The Songs of Summer are short adventures intended to take 1-2 three-hour long sessions. They are independent stories that aren’t connected. Each tale highlights a new band of adventurers, locations, and events that present a unique experience with each tale. Although these stories are intended to be completely separated from each other, you’re more than welcome to connect them all in your world. To accomplish this, it is recommended that you frame each of these stories as fables or bard epics passed down as legend. Regardless of how you choose to use the Songs of Summer, it is highly recommended that you have fun, although it is not necessarily enforced.


This adventure is called The Fall of the Lilywart Log. It is a story about a group of Critters who live in the Lilywart Log, a massive tree deep in the swamp where all types of woodland creatures come to experience all the joys of civilization. This story will call together a handful of these Critters to seek out a mysterious artifact called The Orcale after tragedy strikes the kingdom. The group will venture deep into the swamp, battling through the dense foliage in hopes of finding The Oracle and determining the fate of the kingdom. 

Duration: 3-5 hours. This adventure can be comfortably played in 1-2 sessions. If you’re intending to break it up into 2 sessions, it is recommended to end the session after The Beast’s Den’s combat is completed. 

Party Size: 3-5 players. This adventure is balanced for 3-5 players. If more than 5 players are intent on joining the adventure, it is recommended that additional creatures are added to the combat encounters at the DM’s discretion. 

Party Level: 3rd Level. This adventure is balanced for players at 3rd Level. The intention behind this is to give the players enough specialization to feel unique while still keeping combat times relatively short.


The Fall of the Lilywart Log V1.2.pdf 4 MB

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